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Getting Started

Getting Started with Physical Therapy

New & Returning Patients

Standard Patient Forms   (Commercial Insurance, Uninsured & Self-Pay) 

Uninsured or Self-Pay Patients will be given a "Good Faith Estimate", completed by our front desk staff - see example below:

e.g. "Good Faith Estimate for the Uninsured or Self-Pay"              

Medicare Patient Forms 

Patient Attestation Form  (if applicable)

Direct Access - Did you know that per the state of Virginia direct access guidelines, a Physical Therapist may treat patients for up to 60 days without a MD referral. However, most, if not all, health insurance companies require a physician referral from the first date of service for reimbursement purposes.

For this reason, it is recommended that every patient obtain a physician prescription and/or referral as required  and bring this with them to the first PT appointment. (Some insurances such as John Hopkins USFHP, Mamsi and Aetna plans require insurance referrals).  Please also bring a picture ID and your insurance card for verification purposes.

If you have obtained paperwork from our web-site, please bring the completed forms with you as well. If not, we ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete the admission paperwork process.

Upon your first visit, please bring all of the following:

  • A Mask 
  • New patient information and Assessment Forms
  • Physician Referral and /or Prescription or a Completed Self Referral Form
  • Insurance card & Identification
  • List of Current Medications if applicable
  • Comfortable clothing and sneakers


HIPAA and Patient Bill of Rights

What is the difference between a Physician Referral and a Prescription?

Some insurances require a physician's referral for coverage of Physical Therapy. Insurances that require a "Referral" are the responsibility of the patient or if a minor that of the parent or legal guardian. If you have a HMO insurance card and a primary care physician you most likely will need a referral. Please call your insurance company and/or contact your primary care physician's office if you have any questions.

Medical Records Retention Information 

Uninsured or Self-Pay - Financial Dispute Resource


Request an appointment with our physical therapist by filling out the form below: 


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