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Getting Started

Getting Started with Physical Therapy

New & Returning Patients

Standard Patient Forms   (Commercial Insurance, Uninsured & Self-Pay) 

Uninsured or Self-Pay Patients will be given a "Good Faith Estimate", completed by our front desk staff - see example below:

e.g. "Good Faith Estimate for the Uninsured or Self-Pay"              

Medicare Patient Forms 

Patient Attestation Form  (if applicable)

Direct Access - Did you know that per the state of Virginia direct access guidelines, a Physical Therapist may treat patients without a MD referral. However, most, if not all, health insurance companies require a physician referral from the first date of service for reimbursement purposes.

For this reason, it is recommended that every patient obtain a physician prescription and/or referral as required  and bring this with them to the first PT appointment. (Some insurance plans, such as John Hopkins USFHP, Mamsi, UnitedHealthcare and Aetna plans require insurance referrals).  Please also bring a picture ID and your insurance card for verification purposes.

If you have obtained paperwork from our web-site, please bring the completed forms with you as well. If not, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to complete the admission paperwork process.

Prior to your visit, you will receive a Portal Link from "Art Bronsord & Associates".  It must be completed prior to your visit.

Upon your first visit, please bring all of the following:

  • A Mask (optional)
  • Online forms if printed and completed prior to visit
  • Physician Referral and /or Prescription or a Completed Patient Attestation Form
  • Insurance card & Identification
  • List of Current Medications if applicable
  • Comfortable clothing and sneakers


HIPAA and Patient Bill of Rights

What is the difference between a Physician Referral and a Prescription?

Some insurances require a physician's referral for coverage of Physical Therapy. Insurances that require a "Referral" are the responsibility of the patient or if a minor that of the parent or legal guardian. If you have a HMO insurance card and a primary care physician you most likely will need a referral. Please call your insurance company and/or contact your primary care physician's office if you have any questions.

Medical Records Retention Information 

Uninsured or Self-Pay - Financial Dispute Resource


Request an appointment with our physical therapist by filling out the form below: 


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