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» Physical Therapy for Neck Injuries
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Physical Therapy for Neck Injuries

Physical Therapy for Neck Injuries Ashburn, VA 

Physical Therapy for Neck Injuries

At State of the Art Physical Therapy, we know that neck injuries can be debilitating and affect your everyday life. Our group of well-trained physical therapists focuses on diagnosing comprehensively and creating individual treatment plans to deal with neck pain so as to restore normal functions.

Targeted Approach to Neck Pain Relief

Our therapists will do a thorough assessment to discover the underlying cause of your ailment, whether it’s whiplash, herniated disc, or chronic neck pain. 

We then come up with an appropriate Neck Pain Treatment Ashburn, VA  plan specific to you by using various manual therapy techniques, and therapeutic exercises among other advanced modalities which are meant for relieving pain, enhancing mobility, and preventing further complications.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Techniques

Situated in Ashburn, VA our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and advanced techniques so as to provide our patients with the best care possible. 

Shockwave therapy, and dry needling; are some examples of manual therapy techniques that we use besides evidence-based practices aimed at helping you achieve optimum recovery from neck pain.

Tailored Post-Rehabilitation Support

In addition to receiving direct care from our therapists, we will not leave you once your initial treatment ends. Recovery can be difficult and we know that well. So, we promise to stand by you until you fully recover. 

We have a team of dedicated Neck Pain Specialist Ashburn, VA  who provide personalized post-rehabilitation guidance such as home exercise programs, and ergonomic recommendations among other things tailored specifically for each patient while offering continuous support so that they may continue improving themselves and avoid getting hurt again in future.

Personalized Care and Continuous Education

What makes State of the Art Physical Therapy different is our dedication to individualized attention and continuing education. We know that everyone’s path back from injury or illness varies, so we listen carefully to what you have to say about it before setting goals for ourselves as well as modifying how we work with patients accordingly.

Our physical therapy staff members are committed lifelong learners who continually seek out new knowledge so they can keep up with recent developments within their profession area. It’s this ongoing process of learning that allows us to stay current – providing treatments that work best based upon scientific evidence while being most effective too.


Our goal here at State of the Art Physical Therapy is simple; we want nothing but success when it comes to helping Neck Pain Relief Ashburn, VA  from any kind of neck ache that may hinder your mobility thus improving your overall quality of life. Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is physical therapy painful for neck injuries?

Neck Pain Therapy Ashburn, VA does not hurt. Our therapists will use gentle methods that gradually increase strength and mobility.

Can I do physical therapy for neck injuries at home?

Some exercises may be given at home however it is recommended to have therapy in the office for guidance and best results.

How can I find a qualified physical therapist for neck injuries?

Find licensed professionals who have received extra education on rehabilitating necks and spines, such as those found at State Of The Art Physical Therapy.

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