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Balance Disorders

Physical Therapy for Balance Disorders in Ashburn, VA

Physical Therapy For Balance Issues in Ashburn, VA

Personalized physical therapy for balance disorders in Ashburn, VA are provided at State of the Art Physical Therapy to address balance disorders and improving stability in patients. Our experienced physical therapists have been practicing for over 15 years and employ advanced techniques as well as the latest tools to ensure a positive outcome.

Customized, Evidence-Based Treatment for Balance Issues

Through comprehensive examination, we identify what is causing your instability problems which can be from vestibular disorders, injuries, neurological conditions, aging or any other reason.

Our professional physical trainers use this information to develop an individualized program that incorporates various effective methods towards enhancing your stability and preventing falls in future. That’s how we provide physical therapy for balance problems in Ashburn, VA.

Targeted Exercises to Enhance Balance

Your treatment program will likely include targeted exercises to strengthen core and lower body muscles, enhance flexibility, and improve overall fitness. We focus on retraining the sensory and motor systems involved in coordination and balance. 

This includes gaze stabilization, gait training, developing proper alignment, and more. We also provide manual therapy to improve joint mobility and decrease pain.

Innovative Technology for Assessing and Improving Balance

One of the advanced tools we use is the Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) machine - an innovative way to objectively measure balance abilities and analyze exactly which sensory and motor components need improvement. 

We also offer vestibular rehabilitation - an effective approach involving specific exercises geared towards enhancing the vestibular system. Our therapists utilize cutting-edge techniques like these as part of a comprehensive physical therapy for balance issues in Ashburn, VA.

Specialized Care from Highly Experienced Physical Therapists

Our balance-focused physical therapists have over 15 years of experience treating complex neurological and vestibular conditions causing stability issues. 

We pursue ongoing training to deliver the latest and most effective treatments in an empathetic environment. Our goal is to give you the tools and confidence to stay active and prevent future falls.

Regain Stability and Mobility with Expert Care

At State of the Art Physical Therapy, you can expect highly personalized care from specialists in treating balance disorders. We are determined to help you achieve measurable improvements so you can get back to enjoying life without limits. 

Contact us today to schedule an evaluation and take the first step towards improving physical therapy to improve balance in Ashburn, VA.


What is the best treatment for balance problems?

A combination of targeted exercises, hands-on joint and soft tissue mobilization, gaze stabilization training, gait retraining, and innovative technology like Computerized Dynamic Posturography provides optimal results. This approach addresses muscle weakness, range of motion limitations, vestibular dysfunction, sensory integration problems and more.

Can physical therapy help with balance issues?

Absolutely. Physical therapy is highly effective for improving stability and preventing falls. Our tailored interventions enhance strength, flexibility, motor control, alignment, and coordination. We also retrain the vision and inner ear components involved in balance. Most patients see a reduction in symptoms and episodes of unsteadiness within 6-8 weeks.

What is the role of a physical therapist in balance disorders?

Our physical therapists perform specialized assessments to determine the specific sensory and musculoskeletal factors causing balance problems. We develop customized treatment programs that combine proven techniques like targeted exercises, hands-on joint mobilization, gait training, and vision therapy to improve stability and decrease risk of falling. Educating patients on prevention is also essential.

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