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Post-Surgical Physical Therapy in Ashburn, VA

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy in Ashburn, VA

You’ve probably heard of Post-Surgical Physical Therapy after a knee or hip replacement. But did you know that surgery for breast cancer treatment, open-heart procedures, and other operations that impact soft tissues will all heal better with post-surgical therapy? That’s why State of the Art Physical Therapy offers post-surgical PT in Ashburn.

We regularly work with patients who want to speed up the healing process but also learn the best ways to care for themselves for a rapid return to daily routines.

The physical therapists here at State of the Art Physical Therapy in Ashburn know about surgical procedures and rehab goals for post-surgery. We tailor treatments to better ensure long-term success and a more complete recovery.

Why Post-Surgical Therapy is Critical

Most surgeons recommend therapy after your operation because they know how much better patients respond and recover. 

Mobility, Strength, and Balance

Your body naturally wants to protect your body, which creates muscle and tissue tightness, spasms, swelling, and limits your range of motion. Physical therapy helps regain mobility through active and passive movement, therapeutic exercises, and other therapies. 

Pain and Swelling

Some swelling is normal as part of the healing process. Chemicals stimulate nerve endings, and excess inflammation compresses nerves, which is painful. Plus, by reducing swelling, you have better mobility, promoting healing and reducing pain. Exercises help decrease swelling and prevent pain from becoming chronic.

Scar Tissue

Scar tissue forms after injury or surgery as part of the natural healing process. Surgery leads to scarring, and excess scar tissue reduces movement and function for months. A physical therapist performs tissue mobilization to soften scar tissue and return to normal flexibility.

Secondary Issues

Complications like infection, blood clots, and others may occur after surgery. Post-surgical physical therapy reduces debilitating secondary complications. Tailored therapeutic exercises with a physical therapist decrease the risk of infection, blood clots and contractures.


Inactivity from weakened muscles creates stiffness and increases the risk of re-injury. Tight muscles and stiff joints make daily activities like reaching, climbing stairs and getting up from a chair more difficult. Post-surgical PT keeps vulnerable muscles limber.

Post-surgical physical therapy in Ashburn can support your return to your regular lifestyle and activities. Contact State of the Art Physical Therapy for post-surgical physical therapy today.

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy FAQs

What is Post-Surgical Physical Therapy?

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy optimizes patient recovery and prevents re-injury during rehabilitation. Treatment reduces swelling and pain while regaining strength and range of motion. 

Why is Post-Surgical Physical Therapy important?

Physical therapy helps patients recover faster, quickly regaining after surgery. Plus, physical therapy ensures repairs or replacements heal properly, with minimal scar tissue. Physical therapy is an effective method of pain management, so patients can avoid opioid medications.

When can I start physical therapy after surgery?

You can start physical therapy when you can move safely and comfortably, as soon as possible, after your operation. Your physical therapist may begin therapy sessions within 24 hours. Research shows that patients who move soon after their surgery recover more quickly than those who rest before the rehabilitation begins.

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