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Neuromuscular Discorders

Physical Therapy For Neuromuscular Disorders in Ashburn, VA

Physical Therapy For Neuromuscular Disorders in Ashburn, VA

Neuromuscular disorders can be complex and challenging. 

At State of the Art Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to helping patients navigate therapy for neuromuscular disorders in Ashburn, VA. Our physical therapists offer invaluable advice and guidance to help patients find their way to better health.

What Is A Neuromuscular Disorder?

Neuromuscular disorders are a range of health conditions that affect the control of the nervous system.

Some of the common neuromuscular disorders include:

  • muscular dystrophy
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • multiple sclerosis (MS)

The nervous system is complex so the symptoms differ from person to person. Some people may have trouble walking, whilst others may have difficulty with hand movements. However, they can all significantly impact quality of life. 

The Benefits Of Neuromuscular Disorder Therapy 

Physical therapists play an important part in managing neuromuscular disorders.

 At State of The Art Physical Therapy, our neuro physical therapy team provides comprehensive assessments and treatments for patients experiencing symptoms from neuromuscular disorders. 

Our neuromuscular rehabilitation pathway can help patients find: 

Better Movement

Our physical therapists focus on helping patients with neuromuscular disorders regain control over their body, which can help improve mobility during everyday tasks.

Pain Management

Our physical therapists provide patients with advice and strategies that can help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with neuromuscular disorders. 

More Function

Our physical therapists prescribe tailored exercises for our patients to rebuild specific muscle groups and endurance.

Greater Independence

By providing patients with the right tools, our physical therapists can support patients with confidence after a neuromuscular disorder diagnosis.

At State of the Art Physical Therapy, our neuromuscular physical therapy team in Ashburn, VA, collaborates with other healthcare professionals to provide the best care for our patients, including doctors and occupational therapists.

How State Of The Art Physical Therapy Works

Before we start physical therapy for neuromuscular disorders, we first talk to patients about their main concerns and goals. We then complete a series of tests and movements to analyse the key problems patients are having.

Only after this do our physical therapists then prescribe a tailored treatment plan to address these problems and achieve these goals. 

This may include:

Exercises For Range Of Motion (ROM)

Range of motion exercises are designed to improve joint flexibility and prevent muscle stiffness. 

Our physical therapists select ROM exercises for patients. Depending on what issues are being targeted, these exercises can help specific muscle groups that can become affected by neuromuscular disorders.

Walking Training

Walking and maintaining balance can be challenging for those with neuromuscular disorders. 

At State Of The Art, our gait training sessions focus on what happens during walking, including things like stepping, balance, and abnormal movements. We often trial gait aids, such as walkers, as needed.

Therapy In The Pool

Water has certain properties like buoyancy and resistance that are helpful in rehabilitating specific issues from neuromuscular disorders. 

Aquatic therapy allows patients to engage in exercises that may be challenging or impossible on land.

Massage And Other Hands-On Techniques 

Our physical therapists use several different manual techniques such as massage or dry needling to help improve joint movement for patients, and sometimes to relieve muscle pain. 

Small changes can have a big impact on overall movement and function. 

Exercise In The Home 

Our physical therapists want patients to continue their progress outside of our clinic. We design home exercise programs to empower patients to continue their rehabilitation independently. 

These programs are tailored to each patient’s health goals.

Finding A Qualified Neuromuscular Disorder Physical Therapist

Contact State of the Art Physical Therapy for neuromuscular rehabilitation in Ashburn, VA. Things can get better with the right support and help through physical therapy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is neuromuscular physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a conservative (non-surgical) treatment option for patients with neuromuscular disorders. With skilled physical therapists, it can help improve muscle and nerve function.

State of The Art offers neuromuscular disorder physical therapy for patients in Ashburn, VA.

How does neuromuscular disorder therapy work?

Physical therapy for neuromuscular disorders is different for everyone – which is a good thing! That is because each neuromuscular disorder diagnosis is different and has its own set of challenges. 

At State Of The Art, our physical therapists tailor our rehabilitation plans for each patient in Ashburn, VA. 

What are neuromuscular physical therapy examples?

At State Of The Art, we select different physical therapy treatments depending on each patient and their therapy goals. Some examples of neuromuscular physical therapy in Ashburn, VA, include a range of motion exercises, massage, gait training, and therapy in the water. 

What are the benefits of neuromuscular therapy?

There are so many benefits to neuromuscular therapy at State Of The Art. Patients may notice better movement, less pain, and better endurance. This can lead to more confidence in everyday life.

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