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Motor Vehicle Injuries

Motor Vehicle Injury Ashburn, VA

Physical Therapy for Motor Vehicle Accidents in Ashburn, VA

If you've been in a motor vehicle accident injury in Ashburn, VA, your body may feel like it got hit by a truck - even if that didn't happen literally. Whiplash, sprains, fractures, and other injuries can happen unexpectedly and leave you in pain. You may even have trouble completing your normal daily activities after an accident.

That's where MVA physical therapy in Ashburn, VA can help. At State of the Art Physical Therapy in Ashburn, VA, we specialize in helping car accident victims recover through hands-on treatment and exercise. We get that injuries after accidents aren't planned. We're here to get your quality of life back on the road to what it was before.

Why Does Physical Therapy Matters After a Collision?

Motor vehicle accident injuries physical therapy in Ashburn, VA plays a big role in healing properly after a motor vehicle collision for a few key reasons:

  • It reduces pain in an effective, drug-free way. Using stretches, devices like traction tables, and manual techniques, our physical therapists can ease your discomfort.
  • It restores mobility and function. Our customized exercise programs retrain your muscles to move properly after an injury.
  • It helps prevent chronic issues down the road. Early physical therapy intervention can stop acute problems from turning into long-term ones.

How Do You Know If Physical Therapy is Helping?

We get this common question. It makes sense that exercise could be uncomfortable at first after an existing injury. Here's how to know if our physical therapy is helping or exacerbating your issues:

  • Helping: Your pain should be no worse 1-2 hours after therapy. Soreness is OK, but sharp or intense pain is not. Also, your daily function over time should gradually improve with therapy.
  • Hurting: You have swelling for more than a day post-therapy. Your range of motion notably decreases over several therapy sessions. Your symptoms remain the same or get worse for an extended period.

If you ever feel like physical therapy is worsening rather than helping with your car accident injuries, talk to your provider right away. There may need to be adjustments made to your rehab plan.

Physical Therapy for Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries in Ashburn, VA

Wondering if physical therapy for your Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries is the right thing? Here are the top reasons patients seek care at Merchant logo State-of-the-Art Physical Therapy after a car accident:

Physical Therapy Supports Recovery 

Pain, stiffness, reduced flexibility, chronic headaches, and migraines will make returning to work and your regular routine difficult. Physical therapy aids the recovery process by increasing strength, improving flexibility, and reducing pain, all without medication. Custom therapy regimens developed by your physical therapist at State-of-the-Art Physical Therapy in Ashburn, VA, help you bounce back faster with more complete healing. 

Prevent Long-Term Damage

Physical therapy addresses immediate injuries by improving mobility, strength, and flexibility. Plus, it also helps prevent long-term damage like migraines, degenerative disc disease, and chronic pain that can last a lifetime. Motor vehicle accidents create lingering damage when your injuries are not addressed right away. With physical therapy soon after your accident, you are more likely to live relatively pain-free for years. 

Reduce Pain

Physical therapy helps reduce pain through active and passive movement. At State-of-the-Art Physical Therapy in Ashburn, VA, our specialists develop tailored, individualized recovery programs to help you address pain points and injured areas of your body. Every modality, treatment, therapy, exercise, or stretch is targeted to improve your function and mobility. As your pain reduces and you regain more function, your State-of-the-Art Physical Therapy physical therapist reassesses your condition and adapts your treatments to maintain improvement. 

Avoid Surgery

Life-threatening injuries need immediate surgery, but other motor vehicle injuries may lead to surgery later. Car accident injuries can combine with normal wear and tear over the year to create a need for surgery in the future. Physical therapy helps strengthen damaged or vulnerable muscles, ligaments, and tendons, to protect various bodily structures. Plus, physical therapy is more cost-effective and doesn’t require the downtime needed for surgery.

Don’t delay! If you have pain from a new or old motor vehicle injury, call State-of-the-Art Physical Therapy in Ashburn, VA, today to schedule your appointment.

What Makes State of the Art Physical Therapy Unique?

We get to the state of the art in driver rehabilitation through:

  • Thorough evaluations: We don't just jump into treating symptoms. Comprehensive testing helps us first understand the root causes of what's limiting your function.
  • The latest techniques and tools: From dry needling to blood flow restriction therapy, we offer innovative solutions to heal injuries.
  • Personal relationships: Our therapists take the time to get to know you. We want recovery to work for your lifestyle and needs specifically.
  • Seamless care coordination: We handle referrals to and from physicians, imaging centers, massage therapy, and other care providers involved in your case.

Whether you have neck, back, shoulder, or other injuries from a car accident, we develop customized physical therapy for motor vehicle accident injuries in Ashburn, VA. We accept most major insurance plans or offer self-pay rates.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries FAQs

Why is physical therapy important after a car accident?

Physical therapy is important after a car accident because it helps reduce pain, restore mobility and function, and prevent long-term issues.

Why have Physical Therapy After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Physical therapy combined with other treatments is beneficial for those injured in motor vehicle accidents. Physical therapy helps reduce your pain, improve mobility and function, plus enables you to regain your balance and strength. Physical therapy does not use medications but helps relieve pain and stiffness in your head, neck, back, and shoulders, reduces headache and migraine pain, tingling or numbness in extremities, and improves dizziness and fatigue symptoms. 

What type of therapy might be necessary after a car accident?

Even with modern Motor Vehicle Safety equipment in vehicles, passengers and drivers get injured in accidents every day. Physical therapy after a car accident helps support a faster, more complete recovery. Physical therapy treatments help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling, strengthening your muscles, and improving your range of motion.

Is physical therapy helping me or hurting me?

You can tell if physical therapy is helping or hurting by how you feel 1 to 2 hours after a session and over the course of treatment. Helping signs are that pain is no worse after therapy and function/mobility gradually improves over time. Hurting signs are swelling for more than a day afterward, noticeable decreases in range of motion, and symptoms staying the same or worsening.

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