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Manual Physical Therapy in Ashburn

Manual Therapy in Ashburn VA

When you think of physical therapy, you probably think of manual therapy techniques. At State of the Art Physical Therapy, we use manual therapy in Ashburn, VA, to relax your tight muscles and relieve your pain. This process improves your muscle function and encourages relaxation to reduce pain and inflammation. This helps you feel better and get back to your daily activities. 

Manual physical therapy is a hands-on technique, unlike some treatments that use machines or external devices. Chances are your physical therapist will recommend a combination of therapies, and usually, manual therapy is included. This safe, highly effective treatment successfully treats many painful conditions.

Your physical therapist at State of the Art Physical Therapy will complete a thorough assessment of your condition before any therapy begins. You don’t need to worry about what to do during your manual therapy appointments. Your physical therapist uses their hands to massage and manipulate your muscles, joints, and other tissues. You may feel some discomfort but mostly centered in the areas that are already painful. Manual therapy quickly reduces pain and inflammation, so you should feel better very soon. 

If you have been injured or have a painful condition, contact us at State of the Art Physical Therapy for Advanced Manual Therapy in Ashburn.

Manual Therapy FAQs

What Is Manual Physical Therapy?

Manual therapy uses specialized hands-on physical therapy methods without devices or machines. Your physical therapist uses skillful hand movements and passive joint and soft tissue movements.

Is Manual Therapy the Same as Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy includes various techniques, one of which is manual therapy. Hands-on manual therapy uses biomechanical and tissue-based exams that identify and treat the cause of pain and inflammation. 

Does Manual Therapy Work?

Hands-on manual therapy is a foundational physical therapy treatment usually used in conjunction with other therapy modalities. Manual therapy addresses pain and discomfort, muscle function, flexibility, and range of movement. Manual therapy reduces stiffness and tension in joints and muscles, making it easier for patients to move without pain.

What Are the Three Manual Physical Therapy Techniques?

The 3 manual physical therapy techniques are:

  1. Soft tissue and joint mobilization use slow, gentle movements that activate joints or pressure that breaks up and relaxes tense muscles.
  2. Strain counter strain relaxes muscle spasms by holding a particular position, usually for a minute and a half, then carefully pulling away. The process restores mobility by decompressing tissues under pressure after being injured.
  3. Myofascial release, or trigger point therapy, breaks up and releases irritated soft tissue bundles (knots) that often hurt and limit mobility.

Can Physical Therapists Do Manual Therapy?

Yes. Hands-on manual therapy is foundational to physical therapy. While the recovery plan for most patients involves a combination of treatments, hands-on manual therapy is almost always the first choice for physical therapists. 

What Conditions Are Treated by Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy treats a wide range of conditions like muscle strain, sprain or spasm, ligament stiffness, whiplash, back pain, and chronic conditions that limit your range of motion, such as arthritis.

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