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Pediatric Physical Therapy Ashburn, VA

Pediatric Physical Therapy Ashburn, VA

As you go through your daily activities, you probably don’t think about some of the things you can do. You walk up and down stairs, pick up and put down objects, and do many other tasks that don’t require a second thought. These activities create barriers to a positive lifestyle for children with developmental delays, pain, or injuries. That’s why State of the Art Physical Therapy offers specialized pediatric physical therapy in Ashburn, VA. 

At State of the Art Physical Therapy, we can help your child improve their strength, movement patterns, flexibility, and range of motion to make everyday activities easier. With reduced pain and increased function, you can enhance your child’s enjoyment of life with pediatric physical therapy.

What is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Children are not just tiny adults. Since they are still growing and developing, the approach to helping them develop skills and mobility to function independently must be different than it is with adults. Pediatric therapy focuses on motor control, learning, and neurodevelopment, using manual physical therapy, strengthening modalities, and other appropriate treatments.

What makes pediatric physical therapy different is the approach. Sessions look and feel more like playing with fun games and activities. Pediatric rehabilitation can be hard work, so your pediatric physical therapist at State of the Art Physical Therapy in Ashburn works hard to keep your child interested and engaged while having fun.

How Do You Know If Your Child Needs a Pediatric Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist at State of the Art Physical Therapy will assess your child’s condition to see how physical therapy could help. You should consider an evaluation if your child is in pain, suffered an injury, or has a condition that creates difficulties for them with activities of daily living.

Pediatric physical therapists evaluate, intervene, and consult on gross motor development, muscle tone, strength, posture, gait, locomotion, neuromuscular function, endurance, musculoskeletal conditions, sports and dance prep and enhancement, and general wellness.

Physical therapy may be indicated to develop motor skills for crawling, sitting, walking, and balancing. Any loss of flexibility, range of motion, or strength from an injury, illness, or surgery can also be addressed. 

PTs help kids with issues like:

  • Recovering from sports or dance injuries 
  • Recovery from non-sports-related injuries, such as a fall or car accident
  • Development delays, such as not crawling or walking 
  • Not hitting age-appropriate milestones 
  • Genetic disorders like Down syndrome
  • Muscle weakness and imbalances
  • Poor coordination 
  • Inefficient motor planning, such as trouble thinking of and carrying out a motor activity like writing or typing
  • Nerve and muscle conditions like cerebral palsy (CP)
  • In preparation for sports or dance
  • Enhance sports or dance performance

What to Expect at State of the Art Physical Therapy in Ashburn, VA

During your child’s initial visit, a PT checks strength, flexibility, mobility, and development. They check how easily your child stands, walks, and completes age-appropriate tasks to determine the degree of any delays. If your child is injured, the physical therapist will assess the injury.

Once the initial assessment is complete and your child’s needs are evaluated, the physical therapist designs a unique program. Most initial assessments include some treatment and perhaps some pediatric physical therapy exercises. This depends on how long the exam takes and how engaged your child is.

There is no reason to continue to wonder or worry about your child. Our pediatric physical therapy services give your child the best chance for success. Book an assessment with State of the Art Physical Therapy, today.

Pediatrics Therapy Ashburn, VA FAQs

What Is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Pediatric physical therapy uses kid-friendly hands-on manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, functional training, and other modalities that improve flexibility, mobility, range of motion, endurance, strength, balance, and coordination.

What Is the Difference Between Physical Therapy and Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Although the goals of physical therapy are the same, the approaches used by pediatric physical therapists are different. With children, engaging games, family involvement, fun, and play all contribute to the enjoyment and effectiveness of the therapy.

What Is Physical Therapy Treatment for Pediatrics?

Physical Therapy Treatment for Pediatrics focuses on helping children recover from injuries or reach developmental milestones. This often involves improving mobility and strength and easing pain, which is particularly important for children because they are still growing and developing.

How Much Does Pediatric Physical Therapy Cost?

Pediatric physical therapy usually has the same cost as adult physical therapy sessions. Check with your insurance provider for a full explanation of your coverage. Your pediatric physical therapist may offer a discount for several sessions if your child requires ongoing treatment.

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