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Sprains & Strains

Physical Therapy for Sprains & Strains in Ashburn, VA

Physical Therapy for Sprains & Strains in Ashburn, VA

Have you recently suffered a sprain or muscle strain that just won't seem to heal? Is lingering pain from an old injury preventing you from living life to the fullest? At State of the Art Physical Therapy, we understand how debilitating sprains and strains can be. We specialize in helping patients find relief through customized physical therapy for sprains and strains in Ashburn, VA.

Causes of Sprains & Strains

Sprains and strains have several common causes. Sprains refer specifically to injuries of ligaments that connect bones, usually caused by sudden twisting or impact injuries that overstretch the ligaments past their limits. 

Strains are injuries to muscles or tendons, often caused by overuse, lifting something too heavy, or forcefully overextending a muscle. Other causes of strains are poor flexibility, weakness in supporting muscle groups, and inadequate warm-up prior to exercise. 

Lack of balance, improper footwear, and intense activity on uneven surfaces can also commonly lead to painful sprains and strains. Being aware of these causes can help you take preventative measures against future injuries.

Find Relief Through Physical Therapy in Ashburn, VA

Our expert physical therapists have helped hundreds of patients successfully recover from debilitating sprains and strains with our physical therapy for a sprained ankle in Ashburn, VA. We know how frustrating these injuries can be when they prevent you from living an active life. We'll get you back to doing the activities you love pain-free.

Some common sprains and strains we treat include:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Hamstring strain
  • Rotator cuff strains
  • UCL tears in the elbow
  • Lumbar muscle strains
  • Shin splints
  • Neck muscle strains
  • Knee/ACL sprains

Don't let sprains or strains sideline you any longer. Get an evaluation from one of our physical therapy experts serving Ashburn, VA, today to start feeling better fast. We accept most major insurance plans and promptly schedule new patient appointments.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our physical therapists have advanced certification in manual therapy techniques that speed up the healing process. We thoroughly evaluate each patient and design rehab programs that are tailored to their unique needs. The goal of our physical therapy for sprains in Ashburn, VA is to resolve symptoms quickly and effectively while also teaching patients how to prevent future injuries.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and advanced methods like instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and dry needling. Hands-on manual techniques are also used to improve joint mobility and reduce muscular tightness and trigger points. 

Patients enjoy working one-on-one with their physical therapist in our brand-new facility equipped with private treatment rooms.

Take Control of Your Recovery with State of the Art Physical Therapy

Don't endure the pain and instability of sprains and strains that have failed to heal. Our physical therapists provide compassionate, physical therapy treatment for sprains and strains in Ashburn, VA. Call us today to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to helping you recover and get back to doing what you love!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do physical therapists treat sprains?

Absolutely! Physical therapists are movement experts who diagnose and treat a wide variety of muscle and joint injuries. Physical therapists play a key role in recovering from sprains like ankle sprains, knee sprains, thumb sprains, and sprains of the shoulder, wrist, or elbow.

Can physical therapy help muscle strains?

Yes, a physical therapist can help you both treat and prevent painful muscle strains throughout the body. Strains occur when muscles are stretched too far, and fibers tear. Physical therapists use techniques like massage, stretching, strengthening exercises, and more to promote healing.

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