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Chronic Pain

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain in Ashburn, VA

Physical Therapy For Chronic Pain in Ashburn, VA

Chronic pain can be debilitating and greatly impact one's quality of life. The expert physical therapists at State of the Art Physical Therapy understand the challenges of living with chronic pain. We provide customized physical therapy for chronic pain in Ashburn, VA to help patients in Ashburn, VA find relief.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Treating Chronic Pain

What makes our physical therapy clinic unique is our whole-body approach to treating chronic pain. We don't just look at the symptomatic area—we do a thorough evaluation of your entire body to understand all the factors contributing to your pain. Physical therapy for chronic pain relief in Ashburn, VA includes assessing your:

  • Posture and alignment
  • Flexibility and range of motion
  • Muscle tightness and imbalances
  • Nutrition and sleep habits
  • Ergonomics and lifestyle

By identifying movement compensations and dysfunction, we can design a holistic treatment plan to effectively treat the root cause of your chronic pain, not just the symptoms.

Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques and Modalities

In addition to therapeutic exercises, our physical therapists utilize advanced manual techniques to provide chronic pain physical therapy in Ashburn, VA, including:

  • Manual Therapy: Hands-on techniques to relax tight muscles and improve mobility
  • Graston Technique: An instrument-assisted therapy to break up scar tissue and restrictions
  • Dry Needling: Targets trigger points to release muscular tightness and tension

We also incorporate modalities like heat, ice, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation as needed to alleviate pain and accelerate healing.

Customized Home Exercise Programs

An important part of managing chronic pain is continuing your rehab at home. Your therapist will provide you with a customized home exercise program to strengthen weak areas, stretch tight muscles, and stabilize involved joints. We'll ensure you can perform these techniques properly to get maximum results.

Regularly performing these exercises will reinforce proper movement patterns and reduce flare-ups between therapy visits. We'll modify the program as needed to progress your recovery.

Patient Education for Long-Term Pain Management

Education is a key component of chronic pain treatment. We'll teach you self-massage techniques to use at home to release tight muscles. Our therapists will also guide you on proper body mechanics and posture for your specific condition.

Understanding how to actively prevent pain is crucial for long-term management. We'll collaborate to identify lifestyle factors related to your pain triggers and provide recommendations on improving sleep, nutrition, stress management and more.


Can a physical therapist help with chronic pain?

Yes, a physical therapist can provide very effective chronic pain relief. Through manual therapy techniques, individually-tailored exercises programs, dry needling, pain education and more, a physical therapist gives you the tools to better manage chronic pain.

What are the benefits of physical therapy for chronic pain?

The main benefits of physical therapy for chronic pain include:
  • Temporary and long-term pain relief through modalities and manual techniques
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Improved strength and stabilization of weakened muscles
  • Correction of postural dysfunctions and muscle imbalances
  • Patient education for preventing and managing pain flare-ups
  • Customized home exercise programs for continued progress

With our whole-body approach to treating chronic pain, you receive multiple targeted interventions to address both the symptoms and root causes of your pain for improved function and quality of life.

How can physical therapy help manage chronic pain?

Physical therapists have many tools to effectively help patients manage chronic pain conditions. A combination of hands-on manual techniques, individually prescribed exercises, therapeutic modalities like dry needling and education empowers patients to better control their pain.

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